What You Need To Know

We will walk on your roof. There are many companies out there that claim WE DON’T WALK ON ROOFS! Some have even invested in bucket trucks, stating they won’t have to walk on your roof, but these claims are false. Don’t be fooled. In most cases If they can’t drive their rig around the side of your home, they won’t be able to reach the back of the roof without getting out of the bucket to stand on your roof. We choose to be honest and upfront with you. Our staff has been trained by roofers as to the placement of their feet on the tiles when walking so that we don’t break tiles. Our goal is to minimize the amount of roof area we need to walk on, that’s why we invest in equipment that sprays our cleaning products further and covers more square footage.

While cleaning your roof we are continually watering the plants below where we are working. In some rare cases depending on how long it’s been since your roof was cleaned the amount of water that is put in the ground may cause certain plants such as hibiscus or bougainvillea to drop leaves or have leaves turn yellow or brown. Yikes! Don’t worry though, this is normal and we have a 100% guarantee should you lose any plant due to our cleaning process, we will immediately replace it. If you happen to notice a plant in trouble, give it a couple of weeks and call us, we’ll come out and take a look and replace it if need be.