Silver Star Roof Maintenance Program

We love making your roof look like the day it was put on! The reason our customers love our product and service is because we preserve the beauty of your roof, we recommend that you become a member in our exclusive Silver Star Roof Maintenance Program.

After we clean your roof initially, for 1/3 of the price of the original clean, we will come out yearly to apply a layer of our mold and mildew inhibitor on the roof to kill any mold or mildew which may have begun to grow. This is a yearly program that is fully transferable, should you decide to sell your home, by simply giving us 30 days’ notice of the sale.

The maintenance program also comes with a full warranty wherein if you start to see any mold or mildew growing on the roof prior to our yearly arrival, we will come out and spot treat that area at no cost to you.